Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ring Shopping

My guy is just one of the best shoppers! He is always good at finding deals and things most of us would miss. When I told him about this blog he said, to be sure to write about the wedding ring shopping. At first we looked at the typical ring shops, then I told him why don't we check out the department stores. This is when we realized we needed to look in the clearance section. 

When you go wedding ring shopping or any shopping at all - the sales people never are going to just lead you to the clearance section. Right now with the market going down - they list jewelry as something that has gone down in price. So be sure to not pay full price! My guy got my wedding ring and my Christmas gift ring in the clearance section - paying maybe a quarter of the original price! 

With my guy I have learned to not jump in thinking that I might want a specific style or thing... Because once he has looked around he seems to find things I never would have picked up! When I put my ring on and imagined holding my flowers on the big day - I was sure that it was the right ring! I love it! 

My Christmas ring came from the same place as my wedding ring. I love it too! 

I get complements on both all the time. :)


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