Monday, February 23, 2009

My DIY Bridal Bouquet

To view more pics from our wedding planning - I will be posting at the following link:

I went to the flower shop and requested a quote - I have always wanted fresh flowers at my wedding. Yet, I did not want to spend the $$$ when I saw the bill! I spoke with the lady and took some things off, asked for smaller bouquets - still the bill didn't change much. I thought the lady should have sat down with me again or called me... She might have worked out some business from me, instead I started to think creatively. I love the vintage bird cage veil and wanted one - although it doesn't fit the style of my wedding dress. I found with some of them they had fabric flowers and vintage pins. I decided that we could make similar flowers for the bouquets. Pretty much costing me under $20 - green floral wrap, some wire, fabric, thread, feathers, beads, vintage buttons... Most of which I already had-

Right now we have my bouquet finished and I love it! It is much better in person, personally. But, I have included this quick snapshot - some of the flowers are made from vintage fabric I purchased last summer at an estate sale, then some is my mother's wedding gown.

I hope you enjoy!

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