Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my gorgeous wedding on a $4,000 budget!


a wedding on a small budget is possible!

true I come from a long line of creative ideas! yet when Kevin & I got engaged this past September 12, 2008 - we knew we wanted a gorgeous yet inexpensive wedding! well right now we are pretty much planned out and under $4,000! we have about 150 guests invited - although we did start with a goal of 50 guests. had we started with more I'm sure that we would be well over 150 now. one thing that has helped us to stay with in that head count is our reception location (which is just inside of our wedding location) has a fire code of 150.

my sister and her husband married outside in a forest preserve years ago. they have been my inspiration for our inexpensive wedding. it was on a small lake, it rained the day before and after. yet the day of the wedding it was gorgeous and the photographs from the day are beautiful!

being a photographer photographs are a very, very important part of my wedding. with that said, i will continue this blog with more details on how we are creating an amazing wedding on a small budget!

***TIP: when i started all my wedding planning back in September I wanted a wedding website - yet i didn't want to pay $25, $40 or what ever they seem to be charging... I looked around for the free options and on my second try I found the BEST FREE wedding website! i love many things about this site, one being you can post tons of photographs!


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  1. go budget! you can totally pull off a beautiful wedding this way (we did!)--can't wait to hear more!